I would appreciate your vote on Novermber 8.

She is willing to make the hard decisions that put our students first!

These are the challenges each Lucerne Valley Board Member must meet.

1. Highest degree of fiscal prudence to ensure that every dollar spent is to provide the best possible education for our students.

2. Be sure that our facilities and school cultures provide a safe environment for student learning.

3. Keep an open two-way dialog with our residents and parents to enable growth and change that meets the unique needs of our rural community.

4. With the community and staff, set and monitor meaningful short and long term goals for the District.

5. Hire and support highly qualified staff and encourage training and professional growth opportunities.

Experience that prepares her to meet these challenges.

1. Two previous terms as a Lucerne Valley Unified School District Governing Board Member.

2. Completed the Masters in Governance training for board members.

3. Twenty-five years in government service and twenty-six years as a local business owner.

4. A lifetime of community service working with other people and organizations to address community interests and needs.

5. A Master of Science degree and has taught part-time at the graduate and undergraduate level.